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Welcome to Stelly's World!

Thanks for stopping by!  Stella has animal loving friends all over the world, and we're so glad to consider you one of them

We are on a mission to help as many people and animals as possible!  You can help.  When you follow Stelly you help us. You are the reason why companies sponsor Stelly and why we can get food and toy donations for dogs in need!

IncrediBullStella - 2018 Pet Hero!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated Stella at the Pet Hero Awards!

We had a blast and it was amazing to meet so many passionate animal people, including Jackson Galaxy star of Animal Planet's - My Cat From Hell.

IncrediBullStella - Coloring Book & Story

You can enjoy coloring the whimsical images of Stella and some of her other rescued friends - 100% of net proceeds are donated to the Arizona Humane Society!

Get to BLOGPAWS 2018 Conference!

Be sure to register for the upcoming BlogPaws Conference! Stella and Marika will be speaking!

So come and see us in Kansas City, MO - April 18th-20th!


RESCUES ROCK! Cuff Bracelet

Want a stylish bracelet and at the same time help dogs in need?  Order a RESCUES ROCK bracelet and we donate $5.00 to the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition, the organization that saved Stella.


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Where's Waldo...?

Stelly is such a good sport!  She's a natural shutterbug and she seems to really enjoy showing off for the camera!


Need To See Your ID

Stelly briefly considered becoming a motorcycle cop.  Turns out she likes to cuddle too much and was too nice to write any speeding tickets.

Working Nap?

Stella is always by my side, but let's be honest... the girl likes her naps. There is no shortage of beauty sleep for Stella!

IncrediBullStella How One Dog Saved A Family

Where It Started

Two dogs, pups really, dumped in a field, scared and alone.  Picked up as strays and taken to Animal Care and Control.

Two dogs, one that was named Laverne and the other Shirley.  They were scared and alone and didn't know what would happen next.

Thankfully, the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition were able to take these two babies (estimated to be about 7 months old) and get them out of the shelter and into a foster home.

Laverne and Shirley went to an adoption event soon after.  That's where the magic happen and Marika bumped into Shirley and fell in love.

Shirley soon became Stella, and instantly she captured the hearts of her new family! We love you Shirley/Stella!

Where It Went

Welcome Home Stella!  Your new family loves you so much.

I thought perhaps it would take Stella a few days to get used to a new house with a new family.  But I was wrong, it didn't.  Stelly came in to our house and it was if she had always been part of our family.

Stelly didn't know it but she was becoming part of a broken family.  A family broken by a scary cancer diagnosis, depression and anxiety.

Stella gave our family a new start.  She was a beacon of hope and pulled our family back together.  All of a sudden we had a a happy, tail waggin reason to get up each day.

We would like to thank Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control and also the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition, for their amazing work.


Fairy God Mother - Pit Bull Stella

This little fairy fluttered into our life in early 2016... we could never imagined how she would change our family and our lives.

Stella is a natural beauty... and yes I am just a little bit biased... but come on look at her... she is perfect.

She is a sensitive girl, incredible smart and amazing intuitive...such a snuggle buddy... but the best part about Stella is how she brings people together.

I don't know how she does it, but to be around it is truly an experience. This is more than a special dog... to us and I think anyone who meets Stella the Pit Bull feels she has a way of making an impression right on your soul.

Our family is so grateful to the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition for saving this little girl and giving us an opportunity to have her as part of our family.


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