StellaVision Stella's Rescue Remodel

Stella's Rescue Remodel

We flip homes in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona... and donate a portion to the Arizona Humane Society.

Yes, that's right we find properties that need some TLC to make sure we can help animals that need lots of TLC!

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Meet the Team and Read Our Story

Meet the Team and Read Our Story

Marika's husband Brian, and their best friend Betsy are real estate experts who have been involved in home remodeling and real estate for many years. We thought - how can we combine our love of animals, give back to the community and pay forward the blessings of Stella... and that's when Stella's Rescue Remodel was born.

Meet Marika, Brian and Betsy. We have teamed up because we are all passionate about animal welfare and through our work we are committed to help the professionals at Arizona Humane Society save as many animals as possible!


Marika Meeks

Animal Advocate

Marika is Brian's wife and of course, Stelly's mama. Marika and Brian have been working with Betsy Olson on remodeling projects for some time and are close friends.

Avid animal lovers, the trio wanted to find the best way to combine their love of animals with their passion for flipping properties in order to benefit the Arizona Humane Society.

Marika is active in sharing her message of the benefits that pets bring to our lives - and uses Stella's platform to encourage people to Rescue - Adopt - Foster.


Betsy Olson

Broker / Flipper

Betsy has been passionate about real estate for the past 20 years. She has flipped properties all over Scottsdale and enjoys the hand-on work and creative outlet to bring her visions to reality.  Betsy is a licensed real estate professional in the state of Arizona.

Betsy, and good friends Marika and Brian have teamed up to bring their combined talents to multiple projects - and love to transform properties and have fun at the same time.

Betsy's website is:


Brian Meeks

Construction Expert

We call Brian the Wizard, because it seems he can solve just about any problem.. which is a great skill to have when remodeling properties.

Brian has over 30 years experience in commercial and residential real estate and is hands-on with every project.

He brings his love for construction, not to mention his attention to detail to every home we take on.

Brian is a natural when it comes to tackling projects, his skill sets ensure that we get projects done quickly while never compromising quality.